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ToyTidy – Outdoor Toy Tidy

Are your child’s toys splashed all over the garden? No room in the shed or garage? You need our innovative and brand new ToyTidy. The ToyTidy is an outdoor garden storage solution to keep your kids’ toys all nice and tidy. This is one of many new and exciting products that the Buggy Brolly Company will be introducing over the next few months – so watch this space. The Toy Tidy weighs just a bit more than a bag of sugar (2.5 – 3.0 kg) and is designed to be quick and easy to install. You have the option of attaching it to a fence or wall for a semi-permanent storage solution or you can have it free standing – its totally up to you! Also great for storing bikes, lawnmower, BBQ … and pretty much anything else that’s cluttering up your garden.

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Keeping your garden Tidy!

Once erected, this outdoor garden storage solution provides an impressive internal storage capacity (large enough for two adult bicycles and plenty of toys). This exciting garden storage solution is suitable for most climates. The distinctive arched profile allows rain and snow simply to run off, keeping your child’s much loved toys safe and sound. The ToyTidy is made from a tough and durable fabric that is hardwearing and easy to clean. Toys everywhere? You need a TidyTent!
 Compact - takes up virtually no room when packed away.


    Packed:      54cm x 18cm x 14cm

    Open:         200cm x 167cm x 80cm


   • Lightweight

Packs away to a small compact size

   • Big enough to store two adult bicycles

   • Hardwearing and durable fabric

   • Allows rain and snow to slide off

   • Multi-functional and versatile

   • Detachable front cover

   • Quick and easy to erect

   • Permanent or temporary fixture

   • Optional security bracket

 The TidyTent - perfect for your childs toys!

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Weight 3 kg


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