How Buggy Brolly works

The Buggy Brolly has been designed to fit most buggies/prams. It clamps easily onto the arm of the buggy and extends above your head for hands free protection from those rainy days.

The Benefits of the Buggy Brolly Umbrella made specifically for us :

  • One unit – no need for additional clamps
  • UV Coating – Can be used as a wet weather umbrella or Sunshade
  • All-in-one unit – No chance of forgetting umbrella
  • Easy to use
  • Can be stored on pushchair when not in use
  • Lightweight and attractive
  • Two section umbrella for extra shaft strength
    A Sunshade and Wet Weather Umbrella
    cloud-31046_1280Available in a range of colours, from Jet Black to Hot pink, the Buggy Brolly has a UV coating that enables it to be used as a sunshade as well as a wet weather umbrella. The Buggy Brolly is simple and easy to use and allows you to walk with both hands on the buggy.No Hassle – Easy Set up

    The Buggy Brolly comes as one unit and clamps tightly to your buggy arm. It can be left attached to most prams, therefore making it easier and convenient to use (and find!) the moment the weather changes. As the buggy brolly comes as one unit, you can be sure that the umbrella is there ready to use the moment the weather changes. No chance of leaving the clamp on the pram and the umbrella at home!

    Hands Free Pleasure

    Buggy Brolly means that you can push your buggy with both hands and still keep dry/in the shade and still give your little one your full attention.Attach your brolly to your buggy arm by tightening the clamp lever

    Specifically made for Us!

    With the umbrella being specifically made for us, we have an extremely strong folding umbrella that is unlike the others. Should your umbrella go inside out, it can very easily be corrected by closing the umbrella and reopening, the best bit being that it is much more durable than most other folding umbrellas. (we do not recommend that the buggy brolly is used in Windy Conditions). Further more the shaft of the umbrella is now a two section umbrella giving it more strength. To position umbrella simply push the release button on the side of the clamp Extend the umbrella shaft fully with the umbrella itself closed Once fully extended the umbrella itself can then be opened To close the umbrella press the release button on the underside of umbrella Reverse the process so that the brolly sits alongside the frame for easy storage